Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How Are You Decorating the Nursery?

One of the standard baby questions, shortly after "do you know what it is?" is "How are you decorating the nursery?"

One correct answer to that question for the Koalid is "Muppets and Winnie the Pooh."

The other answer is "whiteboards."

After leaving my last job, I had a choice to make. The Koalid was due to arrive in 6 months. I could have found another job in my field, which means sales. Most of the sales jobs I have had have been business to consumer, meaning that I had to work when the consumers could buy: evenings and weekends.

The alternative was to go independent. I have a variety of skills including sales, social media, marketing, event planning, and sales. I'm also a decent salesman. Between these skills, my experience and varied background and contacts, I felt that I could make a good go of my own business.

I had decided early in Amy's pregnancy that the Koalid would be my main priority going forward. Of course, every parent says that, but for me it is different. I have already completed most of the great things that I would like to do in my life. I owned a game store and presided over an amazing community for many years. I have had experiences that many would give their left arm for. I have done many things, and it is time for the next phase in my life: the Koalid Phase.

I am happiest when I have a single directing goal. When I ran Phoenix Games, that was was my single focus. Everything I did was to keep that place going. When I worked a side job, it was to make money to keep the store going. When I got up and brushed my teeth, it was so my teeth would be healthy so I could eat to have energy to run the store. That kind of focus provides a good framework to direct one's decisions.

Now, that focus is the Koalid, so in forming the next phase of my career, everything is for the Koalid. As such, I craft a business plan that enables me to work from home. The decor of her nursery will be whiteboard because we are moving to a two bedroom apartment, and her nursery will be my office, allowing me to work while she does her baby things a few feet away.

I don't remember how my nursery was decorated or even if I had one. Perhaps she will not remember how her nursery was decorated either. Or, maybe, when she looks back, she'll say that she doesn't remember what was on the walls, but she remembers daddy always being there.

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