Monday, September 28, 2015

Supermoon Eclipse

Last night was the eclipse of the Supermoon-Harvest Moon. This has not happened since 1982, when I was 2, and will not happen again until 2033, when the Koalid will be 19.

I felt that it was important to bring the Koalid outside to see this rare event. I did not know if she would appreciate it, or if she was even able to lock her little baby eyes onto something as far away and abstract as the Moon, but I still wanted to take her out there.

These kinds of generational events are good to give the sweep of life scope. During the last Supermoon eclipse, I was not much older than the Koalid is now. Reagan was in the Whitehouse. My father had not yet started the business that would be a constant for most of my life. My grandfather, who passed this past year, had not even retired yet.

By the time this happens again, the Koalid will have learned to talk, walk, read, and write. She will have learned math and social skills. She will have helped work an event or two. She will have graduated high school and learned to drive. She may have had a boyfriend or girlfriend or two.

But last night, she was a 14 month old baby, starting to understand that the things we do might have some pattern and mouth noises me make might have some meaning. She was asleep when I took her outside and it took her a few minutes to wake up. I pointed up to the moon, which was mostly eclipsed, and she eventually followed my indication.

Eventually, I sat on the grass with her in my lap. 22 pounds is a lot of baby to hold for too long. She lay in my lap and tiredly turned her head to look up that the spot in the sky that was so interesting to her daddy.

While the Moon was lovely, the camera flash was bright.

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